Farmside Fine Dining adds An Unexpected Element to Sustainable Travel

Those who believe that sustainable travel is the only way to travel are well- versed on unconventional ways to experience the joys of traveling while respecting and protecting the environment. However, the newest travel trend to emerge may stump even the most seasoned sustainable traveler. The rise in popularity of dining farmside is steadily increasing. Take a look at how some sustainable farms are bringing their best products to the dinner table.

For a truly organic experience, travel to Colorado for Meadow Larks Farm Dinners. This organization forms a partnership with regional farmers in a very creative way. Meadow Larks Farm Dinners evaluates the type of crops being grown at a particular farm then creates full meals out of the crops. Farmers are often happy to serve as the host or server, proud to see their crops transform into meals enjoyed by patrons from all over the country. This unique partnership cultivates an environment of community and sustainability that makes this sustainable travel destination special. Visit their website for more information on meal options, serving locations, and reservations.

Some people believe that fine dining is limited to the conventional world. The hard workers at Blackberry Farm could not disagree more. The Barn is Blackberry Farm’s on site restaurant, serving meals influenced by the Smoky Mountains as well as delicious fine dining trends. From comfort food to haute food, The Barn has something for everyone, all created from seasonal crops grown at Blackberry Farm. In addition to the award- winning restaurant, Blackberry Farm also offers a cozy yet immaculate inn, as well as a number of activities and events held on site. Sustainable travel is both delicious and eventful at Blackberry Farm.

One of the many benefits of farmside dining is its ability to incorporate community involvement. Often times, regional chefs will volunteer to create the succulent dishes at farm dining events. Such community involvement allows a relationship between sustainable farmers, the restaurant industry, and customers. Such a relationship is hard to cultivate, but one organization that is doing just that is Dinners at the Farm. Between Madison and East Lyme, Connecticut, seasoned chefs prepare meals for the community using sustainably produced crops from Barberry Hill farm of Madison and White Gate farm of East Lyme. The positive response from the community has prompted the organization to host farm dinners on an appointment basis. Community organizations are welcomed to submit their information to arrange a farm dinner as their next event.

Sustainable travel is about more than reduce, reuse, recycle. The idea of traveling in a way that sustains the nature as we know it requires a harmony between environment and community. Farmside dining allows this harmony to be achieved rather deliciously.

Photo Credit: Lawrence Farmers’ Market