Festival Focuses on Video as CSR Platform

The internet, which we access through our TV-like monitors, will increasingly reproduce the televisual experience, experts predict, since in the next few years video will make up 75 per cent of internet traffic. Already four billion videos are watched on YouTube every day. For anyone seeking to build engaging CSR and sustainable narratives, video will have to be part of the program.

The Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship is aware of this development, and now organizes an annual festival called Corporate Citizenship Film Festival. It is calling on responsible enterprises to enter their videos showing how they are using the media as a communication tool. The festival is sponsored by Pitney Bowes, which specializes in costumer communications software.

FedEx won the Center's 2012 Corporate Citizenship Film Festival with a video that tells the story of its partnership with Orbis, the world’s only airborne eye training and surgical center. FedEx delivers medical supplies at no charge to Orbis clinics all over the world and has donated an MD-10-30 (a jet airliner model) to Orbis that’s going to become the next generation Flying Eye Hospital.

By entering their videos in the festival, companies get an opportunity to inform employees of corporate citizenship efforts while engaging them in the festival voting process. 60,000 people viewed the videos in the 2012 Film Festival and voted for their favorite one.

Each company can participate with one video. Voting will take place on the Center for Corporate Citizenship website from February 14 through March 1 the find the 10 finalists. These will be announced on March 6. The 10 finalists will be reviewed by a panel of judges to choose the winner, which will be announced April 22 during the 2013 International Corporate Citizenship Conference in Boston. All 10 finalist videos will be available for viewing at the conference. In order to win, a company representative must be registered and in attendance at the conference. In order to participate, applicants can enter their videos between January 4 and February 8.

Image credit: BCConf13