Ford, Adidas, Dell, Chevrolet, Disney Rank among Best Global Green Brands

(3BL Media/Justmeans) – In an era of increasing consumer consciousness about corporate responsibility, reducing the gap between a company’s actual Corporate Citizenship practices and consumer’s perception of those practices is critical to building brand value. The consumers of today hold the world’s top brands to an exacting standard and expect these brands to act responsibly. To bridge the gap between consumer perception and reality, Interbrand brings out its annual Best Global Green Brands report.

The brands that are listed in this annual ranking have a global presence and a demonstrated record of delivering value to their stakeholders. Interbrand performs extensive consumer research to understand public perception of the brands’ sustainable business practices and matches them against the actual sustainability performance data of the brand, which is collected and analyzed by Deloitte Consulting LLP.

This year, Ford has topped the Best Global Green Brands list for the first time. The company’s establishment of new environmental action committees, increased employee engagement around sustainability, greater efficiencies in the use of water and energy, improved waste recycling and better green build policies have earned it the top spot in the rankings. Ford’s portfolio includes five electric vehicles, and the company has also invested considerable effort into hydrogen and fuel cell research.

Adidas and Dell have earned positions in the top 10 in the Best Global Green Brands rankings. Adidas has put in place a number of sustainability initiatives ranging from sourcing and development of more eco-friendly materials to enforcing basic employee and human rights to reducing water use and pollution. Dell is committed to minimizing the impact of its business operations and those of its supply chain by using resources efficiently and managing wastes effectively.

Chevrolet, ranked at 32nd position in the list, has announced a key milestone of having achieved seven million metric tons of carbon reduction. The company is also promoting the widespread adoption of a new methodology to reduce emissions. Disney has found a place in the report for the first time. Disney has displayed strong transparency about its Corporate Citizenship efforts, which have been incorporated into its overall business strategy.

Source: MarketWatch

Image Credit: Flickr via KJGarbutt