Friday 16 Is Daylight Hour​; 'Turn It Off' For The Planet​

(3BL Media/Justmeans) - A few weeks ago the world switched off the lights f​​or Earth Hour. Now, an industry-led campaign is inviting organizations around the wor​l​d to 'turn it off' this coming Friday, a few days before the summer solstice (June 21). Different day, different organizers but the goal is the same: start a conversation about sustainabillity.

Daylight Hour is an annual social media campaign organized by the Building Energy Exchange to raise awareness about swapping electric lighting for natural lighting and reap the environmental benefits of that action. The campaign culminates with lights being switched off for an hour in a symbolic gesture of reverence for the planet.

Unlike Earth Day, which happens in the evening, Daylight Hour is usually between 12 and 1 pm. The organizers say last year​ ​the overall campaign saved enough energy to power 7,600 homes for a day.

One of the companies supporting Day Light Hour is engineering design firm Thornton Tomasetti. More than 20 of its worldwide offices will be switching off lights, including its headquarters in the historic NY Life building, the one with the famous golden top.

Other organizations that will be turning it off on Friday include more NYC Parks' recreational and nature centers, NY City Hall and other court and municipal buildings, Maryland Department of the Environment, University of Houston (TX), Kansas City (MO) Parks, aviation and City Hall, Department of Parks and Recreation, Delray Beach (FL), Kumon North America​, ​City University of NY​, ​State University of NY schools and New York Botanical Garden.

For a full list of participants, go here.

Image credit: Building Energy Exchange