FSC ​Certification ​Reach​es​ 10th Anniversary Milestone

(3BL Media/Justmeans) - As the world’s forests remain under increasing pressure, therefore increasing climate change and driving animal extinction, the 10th anniversary of the Forest Stewardship Council certification is a timely reminder of the urgency to protect the planet's forest coverage in a smart, effective way.

Tetrapak has been on board with FSC since its beginning, when it launched the​ first ​Tetra Pakpackage labelled with the FSC​ seal​. S​ince then​,​ the number of certified cartons has reached a staggering total of 280 billion​ ​units circulating in over 90 countries and covering more than 3,000 brands.

The label gives consumers peace of mind and a reassurance that the raw material used to make the carton is compliant with FSC requirements for forest management and the traceability of the wood fiber in the paperboard.

Tetrapak says, that as a major user of paperboard, it has a responsibility to ensure the world’s forests are managed in a socially responsible and economically viable way. Its goal is to reach the 100 percent certification rate. It also supports initiatives around the world to increase awareness of sustainable forestry and consumer responsibility.

For instance, Tetra Pak Portugal launched a competition for children at schools run by the country’s Eco-Schools Association. Called “Create a fruit, reap the rewards”, the aim of the competition was to design and make a fruit out of used Tetra Pak cartons by Compal that carry the FSC label, focusing on bio-diversity and the FSC ethos.

Elsewhere in Serbia, Tetra Pak held a month-long FSC-awareness campaign in Belgrade and Novi Sad. The activities included setting up “forest corners” in local hypermarkets with information and play areas for children.​ To support the initiative, there campaign included ​ ​print materials and ​ads in targeted media. ​A story booklet for children was also produced featuring forest stories and carrying ​a conservation message​.

​To protect the forests of the world, the greater consumer awareness, the better. Education is always the best way forward.

Image credit: Tetra Pak