Germans Now Have Their Own ​'Made in Germany​'​ CSR ​Certification

(3BL Media/Justmeans) - Germany has a very good reputation for the excellence ​associated with its manufacturing tradition. And it's also a country where sustainability and ethics play a major role in consumer behavior, perhaps more than so than other European countries. As we have reported before, the capital Berlin has become a mecca of sustainable and vegan lifestyles and it​'​s quite likely that it will carry on in this direction due to massive popular support.

Now a new initiative will certify products are Made in Germany, which is in itself a guarantee of high CSR standards in the productive chain. A project of Initiative Deutschlandsiegel​, it covers products that are manufactured sustainably in Germany. Already in effect, the iniative has already attracted the support of more than 60 well-known companies that have registered a total of 156 products for certification.

To quali​f​y for the label, the product has to achieve a rate of 55 percent of manufacturing in the country and comply with specific sustainability approaches ​that ​are implemented in the respective stages of production along the entire value-added chain.

It covers a wide range of CSR and sustainability topics such as raw material extraction, GHG emissions, biodiversity, energy management, water consumption, packaging, and disposal, to name but a few.

“The pursuit of quality and innovation while giving special consideration to social and ecological aspects has always been rooted in our unique German value culture. This is why sustainable quality and value management today are already a part of the identity positioning of numerous companies. With the new Made in Germany CSR label, we would like to make this very commitment visible and give consumers a guide in their purchase decisions,” says Sven Lilienström, founder of Initiative Deutschlandsiegel.

To shape its qualitification criteria​,​ the label uses sustainability indicators that are based on the G4 guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). In a final process audit, the individual production steps will be reviewed and, where needed, ​improvements in terms of sustainability will be indicated. All on-site audits are performed by certified sustainability and branch experts.

Image credit: Initiative Deutschlandsiegel​