Get Organized for your job search

Feel busy but not productive in your job search? Being organized is a skill that one learns by practice, implementation and action. A willingness to experiment and to focus on what you want and need, rather than on ridge rules or advise, is helpful in producing the result you need. As you grow and change, so do your organizational systems at home and in the office. Have you outgrown existing ways of organizing, office management, and career search practice? If so, you’re one among many who can benefit from evaluating and redesigning your systems. As a career and leadership coach, I find that many of my clients come to me with various concerns and questions regarding being more efficient. The tips below have come from years of research with my clients.

  • Four steps to creating results in your job search. These systems will save you time, money and effort. 1. Research your current needs; make a list of your tasks and systems for one week. 2. Design the system based on your research findings, needs, and your thinking and organizing process; 3. Implement the system; buy what you need, hire someone to assist you, do what you need to do begin the process of improvement; basically take action and Just do it!; 4. Revaluate and change your systems as needed.
  • Sort through the incoming email, mail, & voicemails. Allow items and projects related to your job search to be touched by you only once and decide what pile they belong in: the Four D’s: Do, Delegate, Dump (trash) or Design (file).
  • Put it away. File items immediately according to the above categories. Have your resources needed all together. The less time you spend hunting for something, the more time you haveyou’re your job search and are more motivated and willing to follow through. If you’re ever overwhelmed in choosing a career; tell the truth, imagine a result and get into action.
  • Design Your Space. Evaluate whether your job search space is the most efficient for you right now. Ask yourself the following questions: Are the items you use most frequently within easy reach? Is your organizational system working for you, or do you have trouble locating important information? How is your computer equipment (hard and software) supporting you.
  • You’re in Command. Give yourself permission to redesign your job search actions. Know that you do not need to do everything at once, and remember to get help and support. Encouraging others to help can be a tremendous resource and help.