Going Green: A New Sustainable Travel Writer for Justmeans

I am a chronic traveller with the unfortunate habit of moving every year. I realize my spontaneity damages the environment, so I intend to offset my last U-haul trip by sharing the latest eco-travel news with you. I will write about unique companies, countries and individuals who support sustainable travel. And, for good measure, I will occasionally write about evil-doers who engage in thoughtless travel.

Of course, I must admit that my own travels have not always been the considerate kind. In my early twenties, I traveled recklessly and slept in various places: on car seats, hostel couches, and even curled up on the floor of a Hilton hallway. I am not sure that sleeping like a stowaway is terribly sinful, but I do regret those cocktails we didn't pay for in Rome.  I know that everyone makes a difference with the little niceties and non-niceties, and those differences do matter. When we travel, we leave a mark on the people we meet and the environment we move through. Now that I am the ripe old age of 27, I hope to travel and leave only good, green marks (or no mark at all).

I have always felt compelled to "do good" for more than a paycheck. I spent three years at a domain registration company, where I earned the job title "Director of Philanthropy".  Doing good is good, and it feels good. I look forward to writing about meaningful travel trends on Justmeans, to help others to take note of green vacation possibilities. It should be quite an eco-adventure.

A few other things about me (if you're curious): I'm engaged to a smart man who rides a bicycle to work, and we intend to go on a South African horse safari for our honeymoon (the horse-part is debatable, due to fear of bruises on the bums). To pay the bills, I write content about various subjects, which keeps me constantly entertained (for example, did you know that you can cure pink eye with potatoes?). I received a Masters of Fine Arts in Non-ficton Writing from Bennington College, and a Comparative Literature degree from the University of Virginia (I love school). I have lived in dozens of places, though I consider Santa Fe, New Mexico my home (I don't live there now).

On a final note, I encourage you to contact me if you have any information, thoughts or questions concerning sustainable travel. As we see on Justmeans, the best news on the Internet involves a collaborative effort, so please get in touch.