Honda Taps Wind To Boost Sustainability Credentials At Ohio Plant

Honda’s plant in Russells Point, Ohio, will start operations of two wind turbines, making it the first major automotive manufacturing facility in the United States to get part of the power it needs from on-site wind turbines. The plant will reduce its emissions, thanks to the clean 10,000-megawatt hours (MWH) per year the turbines will produce, as studies of the location and wind speeds predict.

The genesis of the project dates back to February 2012, when Honda announced it would install a source of renewable energy at the plant. That was followed by a thorough evaluation of the alternatives, which concluded that wind was the ideal choice. The turbines, with blades approximately 160 feet long, have been installed on 260-foot towers on Honda property, which is suited for a maximum of two wind turbines.

ConEdison Solutions, one of America’s largest energy services companies, will own and operate the two turbines through its subsidiary, RP Wind, LLC. The company is working in collaboration with Juhl Energy of Pipestone (MN), a leading provider of clean energy solutions, which served as the primary developer of the project. Through agreements with Honda Transmission, ConEdison Solutions will generate electricity for the plant, and be responsible for an interconnect agreement with the Logan County Electric Cooperative and an additional agreement with Buckeye Power, Inc., an Ohio electric cooperative.

The wind turbines in Ohio are part of Honda’s voluntary goals to reduce its environmental impact and emissions, both for its products and manufacturing operations, by 2020 compared with emissions recorded in 2000.​

Image credit: Honda