How Your Holiday Gifts Create Responsible Career Choices (Part 3)

Making responsible career choices partly depends on the visibility and availability of responsible career options in the marketplace.  Fortunately, we all have the power to increase the number and range of responsible career choices based on how we are voting with our dollars.  Indeed, by buying products and services that are sold by responsible companies that get business done better, we will all increase demand for responsible products and services, we have a direct impact on their growth and on their demand for responsible professionals interested in working for products and services they can believe in.  The Holiday Season of course is peak spending time for many of us, so whether you shop at stores or online, be sure to spend your dollars on gifts in the form of products and services you can believe in!

In an earlier posts, I reviewed retailers that offer responsible career choices.  I also reviewed body care brands, candy, chocolate brands, electronics, games and toys brands, shoes and wine brands you can believe in (as well as brands you should avoid).

Today, let's review brands and companies that are key to the Holiday Season through the food items they sell:  baked good and baking supplies, bread, breakfast foods, cookies, crackers, meat products, milk products and alternatives, as well as sugar, spices and sweeteners.  These recommendations are based on the rankings offered in the 'Better World Shopping Guide', which is based on the research of Dr. Ellis Jones:

Baked goods and baking supplies brands that create responsible career choices:  Arrowhead Mills, Betty Crocker, Bisquick, Bob's Red Mill, Eden, Ener-G, Gold Medal, Hain, King Arthur, Nature's Path, Pillsbury, Progresso, Quaker, Rapunzel, and SunSpire.

Baked goods and baking supplies brands to avoid: All others, but especially Banquet, Carnation, Contadina, Diamond Walnut, Jell-O, Kraft, Nabisco, Nestlé, and Planters.

Bread brands that create responsible career choices: Your local bakery, as well as Alvarado Street Bakery, Ener-G, Food For Life, French Meadow Organic, Great Harvest Bread Co, Gold Medal, Nature's Path, Pepperridge Farm, Pillsbury, Progresso, Rainbo, Rudi's Organic, and Sara Lee.

Bread brands to avoid:  All others, but especially Alexia, Ball Park, Colombo, Earth Grains, Home Pride, Kraft, Stove-Top, and Wonder.

Breakfast food brands that create responsible career choices:  Amy's Kitchen, Aunt Jemima, Batter Blaster, Betty Crocker, Envirokidz, General Mills, Ian's, Lifestream, Nature's Path, Pillsbury, Quaker, and Smucker's.

Breakfast food brands to avoid: All others, but especially Armour, Banquet, Boca, Kudos, Hormel, Nestlé, and PAM.

Cookie brands that create responsible career choices:  Alternative Baking Co, Annie's, Barbara's, Cascadian Farm, Country Choice, Doctor Kracker, Earth's Best, Hain, Health Valley, Immaculate, Late July, Mi-del, Mother's, Nature's Choice, Nature's Path, Newman's Own, O'Cocos, Organica, Quaker, and Sun Flour Baking Co,

Cookie brands to avoid:  All others but especially Back to Nature, Dove, Nabisco, and Snackwell's.

Crakers brands that create responsible career choices:  Annie's, Barbara's, Bisca, Doctor Kracker, Earth's Best, Edward & Sons, Ener-G, Hain, Health Valley, Late July, LaVosh, Lydia's, Lundberg, Mary's Gone Crackers, Nature's Path, and San-J.

Crakers brands to avoid: Back to Nature, Kraft, Nabisco, Red Oval, and Ry Krisp.

Meat products brands that create responsible career choices:  Applegate Farms, Coleman, Diestel, Eel River, Five Dot Ranch, MBA Brand, Niman Ranch, Organic Prairie, and Shelton's.

Meat products brands to avoid: All others but especially Armour, Banquet, Butterball, Eckrich, Farmer John, Farmland, Healthy Choice, Hebrew National, Hormel, Jennie-O, Libby's, Louis Rich, Oscar Mayer, PAM, Perdue, Premium Standard, Slim Jim, Smithfield, Stagg, and Tyson.

Milk products and alternatives brands that create responsible career choices:  Alta Dena, AmaZake, Clover Stornetta, Eden, Helios, Hemp Bliss, Horizon, Lifeway, Living Harvest, Manitoba Harvest, Nancy's, Organic Pastures, Organic Valley, Pacific, Rice/Soy Dream, Silk, Soy Slender, Straus Family, Vitasoy, Westsoy, Wildwood, and Zensoy.

Milk products and alternatives brands to avoid: All others but especially Knudsen and Nestlé.

Sugar, Spices and Sweetener brands that create responsible career choices:  AlterEco, Bragg, Eden Foods, Flavorganics, Florida Crystals, Frontier, Hain, King Arthur, Lundberg, NOW, Shady Maple Farm, Simply Organic, Splenda, Spice Hunter, Spice Island, Spicely, and Wholesome Sweetener.

Sugar, Spices and Sweetener brands to avoid: All others but especially Hormel and Morton.

As you continue shopping for your holiday parties and meals, I hope that you will join me in growing the range of responsible career choices available by buying brands from companies that you can believe in!

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