HPE​'s Science-Based Program Aims At Preventing 100 Million Tons of GHG By 2025

(​3BL Media/​Justmeans) - ​Our use of computers is a massive source of emissions due to the energy demands of keeping servers running. According to estimates, by 2020 100 billion connected devices will generate more demand that it is currently possible to deliver in terms of computing and data storage, a situation that is insustainable and needs to be dealt with. Now.

​In order to meet those challenges,​ IT giant Hewlett Packard Enterprise has announced a breakthrough supply chain management program based on climate science, a recent innovation in corporate climate action. ​T​he initiative is designed to provide suppliers with tools they need to develop a customized plan to reduce their own emissions and drive​ ​a global standard for supplier greenhouse gas (GHG) ​reductions​​, HPE said in a release.​ In fact, HPE​​ wants to launch a standard for the industry and the world with its pioneer initiative, a firster in the industry.

The program will require 80​ percent​ of HPE manufacturing suppliers​ ​to set science-based emissions reduction targets in their own operations by 2025. The goal is to avoid 100 million tons of emissions​, which is tantamount to ta​king 21 million cars off the road for ​a whole year. On top of that, ​HPE will reduce manufacturing-related GHG emissions on an absolute basis within ​its ​supply chain by 15​ percent​ by 2025​.

​All of this will lead to massive savings as well, both for suppliers and customers. According to data from the project's partner NGO Carbon Disclosure Project, the IT sector's average internal rate of return (IRR) for investments on emissions-reduction activities is almost 40 percent.​

​The new program will help suppliers set and achieve science-based targets by providing support and tools developed in partnership with leading sustainability experts BSR and POINT380. This will equip HPE suppliers with the tools to create customized targets and meet them through better planning and implementation, besides improving accountability by publicly tracking progress on setting and achieving the targets.

Suppliers will be incentivized to set and hit those goals because the program will assess them favorably through HPE’s social and environmental responsibility (SER) scorecard, and their performance will be directly tied into HPE's procurement decisions.

Experts have welcomed the initiative. “This is a fantastic initiative by HPE to ensure that the IT sector can benefit from their business strategy to incorporate science-based target setting throughout their value chain. They are both driving the transition to a low-carbon economy, while securing competitive advantage," said Paul Simpson, CEO of CDP.

“This will have a ripple effect, cascading up and down our value chain,” said Lara Birkes, vice president and chief sustainability officer for HPE. “When customers use our energy efficient technology that is manufactured in factories with science-based targets, they will cut their own carbon emissions, achieving exponentially more with less environmental impact.”

The new program adds to HPE's​ climate change targets across its value chain​. Other actions include a commitment to reaching 100​ percent​ renewable energy through RE100, a science-based target (SBT) to reduce operational GHG emissions by 25%, and a goal to inc​​rease the efficiency of HPE’s product portfolio 30 times by 2025.​

Image source: HPE