India +SocialGood Summit: UN Foundation Program Leverages The Power of Technology And New Media

(3BL Media/Justmeans) - Last year, the United Nations General Assembly passed a resolution recognising the significant role entrepreneurship can play in reaching sustainable development goals. Now entrepreneurs, leading business innovators and social change agents share their original approaches to some of the world’s toughest problems through +SocialGood, a UN Foundation initiative, a program leveraging the power of technology and new media to make the world a better place. India +SocialGood brings together global conversation and innovators to address some of the world's most pressing challenges.

India is a key player in the growing field of technology. With nearly half of the country’s population under the age of 25, this nation is a prime source for new ideas to solve entrenched problems. India represents one of the largest communities of Internet users in the world, with 20 million Indians accessing social platforms daily. Facebook recently acquired its 100 millionth Indian user; over 200 million people here use the Web. These numbers demonstrate the potential for social media growth in India, positioning India +SocialGood as the platform for post-2015 conversation and a leader in social change.

This is also a country undergoing major shifts. From the 2014 general elections to the recent landmark legislation on Corporate Social Responsibility, innovation is thriving in this part of the world. In Mumbai last month, India +SocialGood held its Social Good Summit, called, ‘Leveraging the power of technology and new media to make the world a better place.’ India’s population exceeds a billion people, and requires many solutions to address its various urgent local needs, ranging from access to affordable medicine and connecting rural India to having enough energy for its thriving cities.

At this Summit, India +SocialGood connected the technology and development communities in India to the +SocialGood community around the world. Speakers discussed how India and its people are using technology, people power and partnerships to spur progress and positive change. +SocialGood’s ten high-profile partners supported a large-scale effort to help build on the growing efforts of these communities in India. These sterling partners are: The 92nd Street Y; Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation: Case Foundation; Caterpillar; Cisco; Enactus; Mashable; Rockefeller Foundation; UN Development Programme and UN Foundation.

In the end, the India +SocialGood Summit reached more than 1.3 million people via Twitter, with over 16,000 mentions captured across social media channels within a 10-day period, including over 5,000 mentions on the event day.  Trending in Mumbai and across India throughout the day, this event provided real-time engagement with passionate communities around the world. Within 24 hours following the event’s close, more than 600 views to the live stream link were recorded, showing that the digital age can play an indisputable role in today’s modern India.

Photo Credit: India + SocialGood Website