Israel Leads The Way In 'Clean Meat'

(3BL Media/Justmeans) - Israel is at the forefront of several technological innovations, ​most famously ​desalination​ techniques​. But in recent years, the country has become known for its strong vegan trend and innovation in ​lab​ meat, the so-called​ ​'clean meat'.

Recently, the country played host to the clean meat conference, which featured several leading lights of this cutting edge (no pun intended) industry, including Dr. Yaron Bogin, CEO of the Modern Agriculture Foundation, who ​says​ Israel​ is ​​at the center of what he calls 'global food revolution'.

The ‘Future Meating’ conference was held at Israel’s Institute of Technology and it had 180 attendees from across the world including from the US, UK, Netherlands and Ger​​many.

The Modern Agriculture Foundation (MAF), which organized the event, says the conference underlined the booming growth of an industry set to transform the way we eat, with many new developments coming out of Israel, which is home to three of the world's five clean meat companies. Besides ​the better known ​SuperMeat, ​​​which recently made headlines with its system of cultured meat, drawing on the expertise of liver tissue especialist Yaakov Nahmias​, ​Israel is also home to Meat The Future and Future Meat Technologies.​

“A vegan, a meat producer and a tissue engineer walk into a conference... It’s not the start of a joke, but it may be the start of revolution that could transform the way the world eats. The meat industry’s negative impact on the environment and its contribution to the outbreak of infectious diseases from bird flu to BSE have put its future viability in doubt. The need for alternative ways of producing meat are becoming an urgent part of meeting the world’s sustainability challenges and that is what makes the booming growth of the clean meat industry so exciting," said Dr. Yaron Bogin, CEO of the Modern Agriculture Foundation.

The keynote speaker at ‘Future Meating’ conference was Professor Mark Post from Maastricht University at the Netherlands, who ​gained notoriety in 2013 with the world's first clean meat hamburger. Besides Post, other top tier academic researchers, senior professionals from the meat and dairy industries (including Strauss Group and Soglowek Meat Industries), advanced biotechnology companies such as Accellta and Atvio, government representatives and industry bodies such as The Good Food Institute, were also in attendance.

Cultured meat, unlike plant-based options​ produced by​ Beyond Meat, a fast-growing U.S.-based vegan food company, is actual meat​ ​grown from a cell sample in a unique environment mimicking the animal`s body, without any animals being harmed and with a significantly lower ecological footprint than conventional meat.

Perhaps for many long-standing vegans​, ​the idea of eating meat, even if it doesn't involve animal cruelty, is still repulsive​. B​ut ​it makes sense from a ecological and welfare point of view, which are the two main motivations behind clean meat.

The event was sponsored by the Jeremy Coller Foundation, which funds the FAIRR initiative.

​Image credit: Video still from The Modern Agriculture Foundation