Japanese Drivers Hit The Road with Sustainable e-Car

(3BL Media/Just Means) - The future has arrived for some lucky drivers in the Greater Tokyo Area, who will get a chance to test drive the super slick, emissions-free i-Road. The trial run has been designed to assess the vehicle’s performance in a real life context and will run until early June.

The i-Road is a cross between a motorcycle and a car, combining the best features of both worlds. It’s as small as the former but as comfortable and stable as the latter. It is based on the model shown as a concept at the 43rd Tokyo Motor Show 2013, but is now available in five colors with improved visibility, ease-of-use and maneuverability.

The trial includes 10 vehicles that were distributed to approximately 20 test participants, ranging from members of the general public to trend and industry experts. Feedback will be collected concerning driving feel, user satisfaction, ease-of-use in urban areas, and impact on destination choices.

Prior to the Tokyo run, Toyota had tested the i-Road on public roads in Toyota City as part of an initiative called Ha:mo, the company’s urban traffic system whereby it explores the possibilities of a low-carbon society and the advancement of ultra-compact vehicles for short-distance urban mobility.

Electric vehicles are increasing in popularity in many parts of the world, as charging infrastructure networks increase and battery technology gets better. They are part of the solution to de-carbonize transportation, a major source of greenhouse gases.

Image credit: Toyota