Lighthouses- lighting the way for Sustainable Travel

One of the many advantages to sustainable travel is exposure to many a’ road less traveled. One of those proverbial roads happens to be a lighthouse. If the last time you saw a lighthouse was on a book cover of an adventure book with the target audience age of 8, don’t feel bad. Once revered as seemingly mythical structures, lighthouses have gotten a facelift. Prepare to set up camp and experience a brand new lodging experience in one of these sustainable lighthouses.

Certain Sri Lankan pop artists may disagree, but Sri Lanka is home to some of the most naturally beautiful tourist facilities in the world. The Jetwing Lighthouse is amongst the best Sri Lanka has to offer. Overlooking the serene Indian Ocean, guests of the Jetwing Lighthouse bask in its beautifully designed interior with a nod to its rich European ancestry. Geoffrey Bawa is the world-renowned architect who designed the compound to include wide open green spaces and captivating views of the Indian Ocean. With design as luxurious and exquisite as the Jetwing Lighthouse, it’s hard to fathom an inkling of sustainability was involved in its development. Sustainable travel standards are upheld at the Jetwing Lighthouse because they truly talk the talk and walk the walk. The lighthouse hotel believes in giving back what it has taken. In addition to following sustainable development standards, the Jetwing Lighthouse follows a regimented recycling plan carried out through all sectors of the hotel. The facility also institutes a rigorous compost program to increase waste reduction. This impressive lighthouse hotel also insists on using renewable resources however it can. Feeling active during this sustainable travel? Set out on one of Jetwing Lighthouse’s nature walks. There are a number of nature walks to choose from with varying distances and level of difficulties. Not only will the walk provide scenic views of nature, but walkers will also see various historic buildings such as a Sri Lankan teahouse! By taking your sustainable travels to the Jetwing Hotel, you will be supporting yet another large business that dares to take responsibility for the environment.

What if your sustainable travels keep you close to home? Give the Pigeon Point Lighthouse Hostel of Pescadero, California a try. While the natural beauty of Sri Lankan is in a league of its own, a panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean isn’t far behind. In addition to the majestic surrounding beauty, a stay at the Pigeon Point Lighthouse offers a number of activities such s whale watching and tide- pooling. The best part about this hostel is that it holds itself to very high standards for sustainability. In addition to aerators and low- flow showerheads, this hostel uses solar-powered LEDS for outdoor lighting. This lighthouse hotel takes its sustainability seriously, so seriously that guests are encouraged to hang their clothes to dry. Now that’s sustainable travel!

Photo Credit: The Wandering Angel