Mellano & Company Cuts Energy Costs with TMS Sustainability Program

(3BL Media/Justmeans) – Mellano and Company, a Southern California flower grower, has taken forward-thinking steps in sustainable business practices. With its completion of a Sustainability Circle Program developed by True Marketing Solutions (TMS), Mellano is reaping dividends in terms of reduced energy costs as well as promoting a culture of sustainability across the organization.

Mellano’s Value Stream Manager, David McPhetrige, says that the company’s participation in the TMS Sustainability Circle not only allowed it to avail of the sustainability expertise of the TMS team, but also it made it possible for the company to gain synergistic advantages with other businesses in its Circle. The company believes that its pursuit of responsible environmental stewardship will add value in the eyes of its customers, employees, community and the industry.

Mellano and Company originally joined the TMS Sustainability Circle with an aim to cut down its energy usage and energy rates. The program provided key insights on how to achieve financial value for the company’s owners, employees, community, customers and other stakeholders through sustainability. The company has now put in place a plan in place that includes employee engagement in sustainability and efficiency in cooling and irrigation systems and use of renewable energy.

The True Market Solutions Sustainability Circle Program is designed to support small to mid-size businesses (SMBs) in their efforts to build competitive advantage, profitability, and brand leadership. It constitutes a six-month peer-learning program that employs the latest tools, technology and thinking to embed sustainability practices into the organization. The program enables the participants to develop a customized Sustainability Action Plan that is geared toward their specific business goals, which may include improved productivity, greater energy efficiency and cultural change.

Elliot Hoffman, founder and CEO of TMS said that organizations such as Mellano and Company recognize that to thrive in today’s competitive market requires ingenuity, solid brand reputation and sound business practices. TMS Sustainability Program is designed specifically to help meet these goals.

Source: PR Web

Image Credit: Flickr via Bahman Farzad