​NetSuite Helps Techo Simplify Its Operations And Help Eradicate Poverty In Latin America

(3BL Media/Justmeans) - Latin America ​is a continent with massive levels of poverty​, where m​illions of people liv​e without​ basic services such as sanitation and clean water. One of the organizations that works in th​at​ part of the world to help people in need is Techo.

But Techo itself also needs help to run its operations and​, ​in this video, it tells the story of a software donation from NetSuite.org ​that ​enabled the NGO to manage its ​accounts​​​​​ in the 19 countries and 65 cities it operates​ so that it can better​ focus on its poverty eradication mission.

"We are 90 percent passion and 10 percent technical," says a Techo representative. He adds the organization grew organically so fast they had to find the tools to better respond to demands o​f​ financial transparency.

At first they tried spreadsheets and relied on the help of accountants, but they realized that​, in order ​to grow​,​ they needed something better. "NetSuite has helped us grow faster and react faster to ​our​ challenges," he said.

Net's solution is more efficient, making accounting and financial processes simpler. "We can generate reports of our financial management simply and quickly," Techo says. "The software has allowed Techo unify its information in an extremely complex and diverse region."

The organization has big hopes to improve life in Latin America and it believes efficiency is key to achiev​ing​ that. "The support of NetSuite is huge because we're now well prepared to face this growth process."​

Image credit: NetSuite (screengrab)​​