​New Keepood Helps Boost Digital Inclusion

(3BL Media/Justmeans) - Keepod​, an organization that works to narrow the digital divide, has released the new Keepod, a device which transforms any computer, even old ones, into a powerful Chromebook, helping repurpose machines and improve access to computers for those who are left out of the digital community.

To mark the launch, Keepod is giving away one unit for free for every device purchased. When users connect their Keepod, it provides instant access to their personal desktop, apps, files, and settings on the computer. ​What ​Keepod​ does is to​ remove the dependency on one physical computer per user. ​This way, user​s can turn a computer into their personal Chromebook, and have a private experience on a shared computer.

Other amazing features are protection against viruses and malware, no trace on host computer so private data is kept safe (the user’s data is stored on the cloud) and it works both on and offline.

For their buy one, give one program, Keepod is partnering with organizations and computer refurbishers around the world to give Keepods to communities without computer access. “After two years of deploying Keepod projects, we are excited to introduce the new Keepod,” said Nissan Bahar, one of Keepod founders. “Now, the Chromium-based Keepod gives everyone the opportunity to have greater flexibility in personal computing, and to bring this technology to communities in need.”

Keepod can be purchased worldwide here and on Amazon Launchpad, a program that helps leading start-ups bring innovative new products to market.​

Image credit: Keepod