New Platform Tackles CSR Issues with In-Depth Interviews

A new web platform, Business in Society, has been launched to provide in-depth discussions on major CSR and sustainability issues. It features John ​​Paluszek, a CSR expert and senior counsel at Ketchum consultancy​. B​esides leading the interviews, ​he ​conceived and executive-produces the program.

For the program, ​Paluszek ​conducts 28-minute interviews with experts reporting on the progress being made by business and urging business to establish more innovative approaches and reinforce their commitment to their CSR sustainable development action plans.

​He plans five new upcoming interviews on a range topics, besides the ones already streaming on the website. These include an interview with Laura Gitman & Chhavi Ghuliani of Business for Social Responsibility, "The Bangladesh Tragedy: The Tipping Point From Hell?" and a chat with Lynn Povich, author of The Good Girls Revolt, filed under “What Women Want Now – And How They‘ll Get It,” among others.

Previously​,​ Paluszek ​chaired The Global Alliance For Public Relations and Communication Management and is a former president of The Public Relations Society of America. He is a liaison to the United Nations for those organizations.

“Corporate social responsibility/sustainable development has come a long way from its origins in the 1970s,” says John. “We intend to give it a new dimension of visibility, recognition and impetus with regular national and international video programming. And we will use a variety of traditional and new media to do so.”

Image credit: Business In Society