New Travel Start-Up, Wanderfly, Includes Eco Travel Options

Wanderfly, a New York start-up, offers fun and easy eco travel recommendations. You simply have to enter your current location, approximate budget and your eco interest. You can also choose to orient your trip around any number of the following topics: food, shopping, spa, party, beach, entertainment, culture, casino, outdoors, luxury and romance. In case you are wondering: there are indeed eco towns with casinos (like San Diego). And, if you want to combine all the available interests in one place? Kahului, Hawaii.

The site (still in beta) was launched today. Wanderfly has a nice, clean design, though it seems a bit slow. Still, it's fun to use, and the eco travel aspect is a nice bonus for environmentally conscious journeyers. It's a unique and innovative tool that will delight many curious travel junkies.

Wanderfly unabashedly aspires to become the Netflix or Pandora of travel. On their site, they state their ambition: "We don’t want to just challenge the status quo. We want to reinvent it." A bold sentiment, but a noble goal: Wanderfly hopes to make planning a vacation or adventure feel more human and natural. They want to take the dull, tiresome Internet meandering out of your trip planning and put the fun back into it. More than 1,200 destination options, including 130 countries on every continent (except Antarctica). Thousands of activities are available for perusal, too, including many eco travel and outdoor options. Sounds fun, right?

Over twenty partner sites (Expedia, LonelyPlanet, Yelp, Foursquare, Find. Eat. Drink, Not For Tourists, etc) provide the content for Wanderfly. Their photos  come from Flickr, and the social functionality comes from Facebook. Wanderfly does more than just refurbish information though, rather, they have created a whole new feel for inspiration-hungry travelers. You certainly can't search for "cultural beaches" or  "eco travel romance" through Expedia. The biggest difference between Wanderfly and other sites, though, is that it's geared towards travelers without a particular destination in mind. People with, you know, wanderlust.

Founded about one year ago, by Cezary Pietrzak, Christy Liu and Evan Schneyer, Wanderfly now has 10 employees. They have has received less than $1 million in funding thus far. They've made some enormous strides, though, and they have a lot of big plans for the future. First off, they hope to offer more booking options, including the ability to reserve tables and book personal concierge packages. Soon, they will also show you why particular options were selected for you. Other future plans include map integration, the ability to coordinate schedules with friends, and multi-city planning tools.