Obama’s Career Plan

Obama spoke in his State of the Union Address on many topics and matters but the most important one on the minds of the 10-15% of the population unemployed is when will new jobs be created? When will my resume be read and an interview result in a solid living wage job offer. People I know are being faced with possible foreclosure, bankruptcy, repossessions due to being out of work. Their lives are now facing a new turn unique to them but not uncommon for many. Who do we turn to and what do we do?

It’s good to hear that President Obama is calling for a new bill to generate jobs opportunities but where will the jobs be and what skills will be needed to do them? One arena is high speed train service which I’ll write about next week. He didn’t share much about what might be in the plan but I hope that he’ll be discussing the importance of generating a living wage.

Do you remember when George Bush Junior said on national TV how he thought it was so gallant for the middle America worker to be holding down three jobs to pay for rent, and food, and basic living needs? People were outraged because of the situation pointing to the issue of minimum wage. Having it be defined as the minimum level of income deemed necessary to achieve an adequate standard of living in a given country. So given that, much of what we are fixing in this country is that many people aren’t even working enough to take care of their basic needs. We need people working and making a living wage.

With 15.3 million people unemployed and thousands more discourage or in so much shock they can’t seem to take action how do we fix this problem and move people into greater job opportunities? What I recommend is staying connected with uplifting people, get informed and educated and chart your own path. Consider doing something outside your comfort zone like saying no, starting a business, moving to another country, learning a new skill. I’ve decided to get trained in Traumatology and learning a skill like massage.

Obama says small businesses are the biggest source of job creation and hold the key to reducing unemployment. I assert its time to step forward and start your own business or join a small firm to generate your own job opportunities. As a resource I am launching my Success Coaching Program by phone to help you get clear on your strengths, move through transition, generate goals, and start your own business and become more successful. Ask me about it.

What critics are saying is that confidence is low about the economy recovering quickly. Many say it may 3-4 years before we are back to the pre-recession level of 5% unemployment. The economy with the help of Obama and his team must generate 100,000 new jobs per month to make a dent.

I am reminded to remember that the root word to confidence and courage are the same. To be courageous allows you to be confident. Ask yourself what can I do just today to demonstrate my own willingness to be a pioneer and to step out in power and confidence? What are you doing to generate your own personal economy of wealth and job opportunities?