Pedal Your Way to Sustainable Travel

We here at JustMeans are huge proponents for sustainable travel, and I am an even bigger support for experience the perfect harmony of sustainable travel and physical activity. What better way to sustain our planet’s natural resources than by using your own physiological resources to their fullest? Are you interested in a more active form of sustainable travel? Why not set out on a bike tour? Plenty of companies or bike groups manage organized bike tours world- wide.  While I highly recommend seeking an organized bike tour, more is to be had when setting out on your own bike tour. The following bike riding road recommendations are sure to take your sustainable travels on a ride.

If you will be vacationing near Cape Town, South Africa, you won’t want to miss the opportunity to experience the scenic and natural views on Chapman’s Peak Drive- a winding road that will offer more than your daily cardiovascular activity. While riding along, you will see a number of rock formations, cliffs, and even get a view of that Atlantic Ocean, most likely from an angle you haven’t seen before. Since Cape Town, South Africa is so close by, it will not require much effort to incorporate a trip to Chapman’s Peak Drive with any itinerary.

The next location for up close and personal bike ride in nature is not for those with respiratory problems. The Top of the World Highway is exactly what the its name implies. The highway stretches 66 miles at a very high elevation, providing a vital link between Yukon and Alaska. As one might imagine, the natural scenery in this region is particularly breath- taking (no pun intended). In addition to this location being more optimal for those with strong respiratory systems, it is also a better ride for a more advanced cyclist. The roads are unfinished in many spots which could pose a hazard to a novice or recreational cyclist.

Another highway with a particularly high elevation is the Karakoram Highway. The Karakoram Highway not only requires a stronger pair of lungs, but it also requires adequate passport information as well. This highway crosses one the international border between Pakistan and China, so you definitely want to make sure your sustainable travel adventure is a well- documented adventure. A bike ride along this highway is worth the trouble with its majestic valley views. A bike ride through the impressive Karakoram Mountains will guide you through mountain ranges, bordered by high ridge mountain walls along the roadway.

Biking is a great way to add an adventurous and active element to any travel itinerary. As long as you are mindful of respiratory conditions and, certainly, the international travel regulations in your region, you can pedal your way to a sustainable travel!

Photo Credit: °Florian