Pentair Marks World Water Day With Developing World Expansion

(3BL Media/Justmeans) – Water Mission, an engineering non-profit that brings potable water to 150,000 people in Central America, has a good reason to celebrate World Water Day 2017. The NGO has agreed with Pentair, which develops technologies in sustainable water, to take Project Safewater to more people. The project picks up from a previous collaboration in the Department of Colón in Honduras, where they jointly implemented scalable, sustainable safe water and sanitation projects.

The Colón project is considered the largest water and sanitation project in Central America with a reduction in waterborne diseases of 80 percent. The NGO says that it has managed to reduce visits to local health clinics for diarrheal diseases by more than 50 percent. Infant mortality rate has fallen twice as much as the national average. This translates into more than 40 saved children per year.

It goes back to 2007, when Pentair and Water Mission developed a new model of access to safe water that combined technology, micro business models and research in Colón, reaching 300,000 people. In practice, the program included the installation of more than 200 water treatment systems and over 15,000 household sanitation facilities developed specifically for this project. Educational outreach on the importance of safe, clean drinking water played a key role as well. The local community owns the water treatment systems and users pay their communities a nominal fee for potable water, with user fees agreed on by community to cover running costs.

The new phase of Project Safewater initiative will focus on Lempira and Intibucá, two Departments in the western region of Honduras. These two areas have pockets of extreme poverty and generally unsafe water management. Pentair, Water Mission and local Honduran government organizations will work to improve water quality, sanitation and behaviour patterns. The project also includes a follow-up study on the health-related impacts as well as economic and educational improvements that arise from its actions.

Due to its success, the Project Safewater model is now being replicated in other developing countries in Central America, Africa, India and Asia, reaching around three million people. It is one of the contributions Pentair is making towards U.N. Global Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) Six , which is related to clean, sustainable water.

“Our studies on the Colón, Honduras project with Pentair demonstrated that, for just pennies per day, we could dramatically reduce the incidence of waterborne disease and save lives,” George C. Greene III, Water Mission CEO, said in a statement. “In addition to the health benefits, we now look to better understand and quantify the long-term economic and educational impacts that can result from access to clean, safe water.”

Image credit: Water Mission