Pernod Adds A Touch Of Sustainability ​To​​ ​T​he Brazilian Carnival

(3BL Media/Justmeans) - Wine and spirits giant Pernod gets into the groove of the Brazilian carnival to the rhythm of sustainability and CSR. The company has made recent advances in both areas through its brands in the country which are worth throwing some confetti for.

The latest action was kicked off in January, when the company's local subsidiaries started using sugarcane tops for its bottles instead of petroleum derivatives. ​T​he eco top was​ ​first launched with the​ Montilla and Orloff brands, ​and then ​extended to all of Pernod Ricard Brasil’s local brands​, including ​Natu Nobilis, Wall Street, Sao Francisco and Janeiro. Together​,​ these brands represent approximately 38 million bottles​.​

​In the first year of their adoption, the ​tops have already reduced carbon footprint by preventing approximately 600 tonnes of CO2 from being released into the atmosphere. ​And what's best, t​he change of bottle top material has had absolutely no impact on the product's quality or appearance.

Reinforcing its commitment to improving lives in the regions where it operates, Pernod launched, through its ​​Perrier-Jouët champagne brand, a campaign to raise funds for people living in the desert-like, semi-arid Sertão in the northeast of Brazil, an iconographic area which suffers with chronic drought.​

Called Bring Springtime to Sertão​, the viral campaign succeeded in raising US$60,000 in less than three months to build three artesian well​s​ in the area. The ​​project​ ​​was launched in a partnership with the ​NGO Olhar do Sertão​ in September 2016​.

The campaign struck a chord with social media users and Brazilian TV and music celebrities (pictured) as 32,000 photos were posted, 76 million people reached, 150,000 followers spontaneously engaged, there were 3 million likes, and more than 50,000 comments.

The beneficiaries of the project are women working in Sertão, whose lend their talent in embroidery to the Martha Medeiros luxury brand of dresses. The viral campaign invited users to post photos of flowers on Instagram using the hashtag #PrimaveraNoSertao. Perrier-Jouët donated R$1 (US$0.32) to the NGO for each post.

Both initiatives are part of Pernod's efforts to preserve the planet and contribute to local communities.​

Image credit: Pernod Ricard