Pfizer and Kaiser Permanente Top the List of America’s Happiest Companies in 2014

(3BL Media/Justmeans) – Pfizer has earned the top position, followed by Kaiser Permanente in the second position in the fourth annual list of “50 Happiest Companies in America in 2014” released by CareerBliss. The list is prepared each year after evaluating several thousands of independent employee reviews and a detailed analysis of the work environments of hundreds of leading companies. Employees rank their employers on several key factors that contribute to overall employee happiness.

Pfizer and Kaiser Permanente have managed to outshine globally admired corporations such as Apple (No. 15) and Google (No. 21). The other companies that made it to the top 10 in the list include Texas Instruments, EMC, Qualcomm, KBR, Bristol-Myers Squibb, General Electric, Capital One and Avaya. A common trend noted among the 50 companies that made the 2014 list is that each of these companies is committed to supporting their employees in career development programs and creating a team dedicated to providing a rewarding work experience.

Some of the key factors that CareerBliss evaluates to determine what impacts happiness at work include the following: work-life balance, relationship of the employee with the boss and the co-workers, work environment, company culture, compensation, job resources, growth opportunities, company reputation, everyday tasks and job control over daily work. The data collected accounts for how an employee values each factor in his or her organization.

Employees belonging to the Top 50 Happiest Companies in America in 2014 point out that senior management, company culture, and the rewards and support they receive each day contribute the most to their overall happiness levels. Employees at Pfizer stated that the support they get from their team is the key in their overall happiness at work. Kaiser Permanente climbed up 13 ranks over last year to earn the second position this year. The company ranked highest in the 2014 list in company culture and overall reputation.

Source: Herald Online

Image Credit: Flickr via Eversheds International