​Purina Launches Pets At Work Alliance

(3BL Media/Justmeans) - Pet guardians often would love to bring their pets to work​. S​ome companies already allow staff to work with their furry friend, with great results in terms of social interactions and well-being. ​One of the biggest supporters of workplace pet-friendly policies is Purina​, which has launched a campaign to​ encourage ​other businesses to allow their staff to bring their furry friend along to work

The campaign is ​called ​Purina's Pets At Work Alliance, and its main aim is to have 200 partners on board by 2020, which is part of the company's Purina in Society commitment.​

Purina introduced its own pets at work policy back in 2003, with branches in different countries taking up the idea at different moments. These include ​​Germany in 2011​,​ Italy and the UK in 2014​, besides several​ ​other regional offices adopting more pet-friendly policies. Purina has seen amongst its own staff the benefits these policies produce, including greater interaction between employees, improved retention, increased productivity and lower stress levels.​The​ company was so impressed by the results that it decided to ​encourage other European businesses to follow suit.

“Pets at Work is not just a program but a movement that we know delivers a multitude of benefits, such as improved workplace atmosphere, work-life balance and socialising among employees”, Bernard Meunier, CEO at Nestlé Purina PetCare Europe, Middle East and North Africa​, said in a statement​. “Establishing our own Pets at Work scheme has provided significant learnings for successful implementation, and from this experience, we have developed materials and guidance for organisations wishing to introduce this type of scheme.”

The initiative also has wide public support, as the Pets at Work Survey 2017 confirms. It interviewed 3,221 employed European dog-owners in​ the ​UK, France, Germany, Russia, Italy, Spain, Switzerland and Portugal​ spanning the ages of 18​ and ​65​. Of the total, 68% of employed dog owners said they would bring their pet to work if given the choice while 40% of employees agree that pets in the workplace bring benefits such as stress reduction. Besides, 36% of employees find that pets at work help to improve the work/life balance.

Currently only 12 percent of offices allow pets, so there is still a long way to go. ​To find out more, visit the Pets At Work Alliance website.

Image credit: Purina