Rainforest Alliance's ​Launches ​FollowTheFrog Campaign To Help People Go Green

(3BL Media/Justmeans) -​ L​eading environmental NGO​ ​The Rainforest Alli​ance​ is turning 30 and, to mark the date, the organization has launched a campaign called #FollowTheFrog, which leaps its way forward until February 12. Through a special dedicated website, users can sign up to updates and guidance on how to green up their lifestyles and tread more lightly on the planet.

​The #FollowTheFrog 30-day challenge includes a simple step-by-step guide to sustainable living, delivered in 10 emails throughout the month. ​“We are proud to kick off our 30th anniversary year by empowering people to join the sustainability journey through our #FollowTheFrog 30-Day Sustainability Challenge,” Susan Arnot Heaney, director of marketing and collaborating company engagement for the Rainforest Alliance, said in a statement. "If we each commit to making even small changes in our everyday lives, together we can make a significant positive impact on our planet and create a more sustainable future”​

The 30-day challenge will give tips to go green in key areas such as water conservation, green travel, emissions reductionrecycling and other topics. Those who sign up will receive an email every three days for a month with suggested actions. Each participant will get a special award for their commitment to creating a more sustainable world.​​

Those who sign by February 12 and open all 10 emails will take part of a draw and compete for a goodie bag with Rainforest Alliance Certified products, including food and beverage items, such as coffee, tea and chocolate, personal care products and ​others.​​

There is still time for companies that collaborate to the Rainforest Alliance to take part of the campaign and acess the the toolkit, launch social media initiatives and reach out for stakeholders. Using the hashtag #FollowTheFrog, participants can also share their stories and encourage friends and family to go green.​​​

Image credit: Rainforest Alliance