Reefs to Rockies (an Eco Travel Company) Announces New Green Guides

The boutique travel company, Reefs to Rockies, has launched a series of free eco travel guides. The "Green Guides" will feature accommodations that have proven their commitment to sustainable practices, resource conservation and local communities. The first guide focuses on Costa Rica. Upcoming locations include Botswana, Ecuador, Mexico, Mozambique,  Nicaragua, Peru, Trinidad, and  Tanzania.

Reefs to Rockies, based in Denver, Colorado, creates eco travel itineraries to locations known for exceptional natural beauty (or, in their words, "spectacular flora and fauna"). Whenever possible, the company books at locally-owned hotels that have demonstrated commitment to sustainable practices. Reefs to Rockies also hires local guides with eco-sense, maintains small group sizes, supports conservation efforts and offers carbon offset programs. Reefs to Rockies ultimately hopes to inspire and promote conservation through tourism.

Reefs to Rockies was founded by two environmentally conscious adventurers: Lynda Gregory and Sheridan Samano. Travel agents were run out by the easy-to-access-information on the Internet, but they've come back due to the too-much-unsortable-information on the Internet. Reefs to Rockies is also in line with three other trends: niche travel, luxury adventure travel and, of course, eco travel.

This year, a Reefs to Rockies eco travel tour, "Mozambique—By Land and Sea" was selected as one of National Geographic's "Tours of a Lifetime." Mozambique is recovering from years of civil war, and the animals are coming back. The itinerary includes snorkeling with whale sharks near Tofo, and, if you're lucky, you'll get to see the short-maned Gorongosa lions. Reefs to Rockies offers a number of trips (such as "Intimate Botswana" and "Trinidad's Wild Side"), the company specializes in customized tours.

Right now, Reefs to Rockies is offering discounts for anyone who would like to travel to Botswana during the "green season" (in other words: the "wet season" or "rainy season"). It's quite colorful in Botswana in the summer months, thanks to the grass. Also, tthe antelope are out munching that grass along with their newborn offspring. To add to the color: it's mating season for the birds, so they're fluffing up those bright feathers. They say, "It's worth packing your poncho for."

photo credit: yaaaay