Republic Services Helps Small Business Dispose Of Hazardous Materials

(3BL Media/Justmeans) - Disposing of hazardous materials ​t​hat contain toxic metals such as mercury is of paramount for companies' sustainability programs and social responsibility. Regulations change all the time, so finding the right service is also important.

“Keeping up with compliance requirements for universal waste items can be time consuming and burdensome," says Sue Klug, executive vice president ​and​ chief marketing officer at Republic Services, a leader in recycling and non-hazardous solid waste.

The company offers two services that help customers deal with their hazardous waste. One of them ​is​ Mail Back Kits, ​a solution designed for businesses with smaller quantities of universal waste items. The client receives prepaid, pre-addressed mail-back kits, certified packaging and then ship pack the material to be recycled or disposed of.

The other service is called Pack-Up & Pick-Up, which is ​ideal for​ businesses with more volume of waste. The client receives a proposal for approval based on their universal waste generation. Then they schedule a pickup date, and by then the waste should have been prepared and packaged by the client. The material is transferred to nearest facility for proper recycling.

In both cases​,​ Republic Services will send clients a Certificate of Recycling to validate regulatory compliance.

There are many materials that go under the 'universal waste' category that can dangerous chemicals. These include batteries, light bulbs and lighting ballasts that​,​ besides mercury​,​ can also contain lead, which are harmful to people, animals and the environment. Because of that, they need to be managed properly and ​in accordance with the law.​

Image credit: Republic Services