Retaining Fiji on a Responsible Vacation

Everyone is looking to get the most bang for their buck these days, and the responsible vacation industry is no exception. Some responsible vacations may be more emotionally and/ or physically exhausting, requiring willing vacationers to focus on just one objective for the duration of the vacation. But for responsible vacations that are just as psychologically beneficial as they are environmentally beneficial, the more objectives the merrier. A few objectives are at the center of certain Fijian organization. Consider participating and look forward to feeling especially inspired.

Seacology is a Fijian organization whose sole purpose is to retain the vibrant island of Fiji as Fiji is meant to be. The organization not only focuses on saving endangered species that call the island home, but Seacology also seeks to preserve human habitats and cultures on the island as well. Preserving a culture is much more complicated than it may sound, which makes Seacology’s goal to do so that much more ambitious. This organization has lofty yet attainable goals, making it a perfect organization to connect with for responsible vacation.

As mentioned, Seacology has a vested interest in saving endangered species. The beautiful island of Fiji is home for almost half a dozen threatened and endangered species. Most of the animals comprising these unfortunate lists are victims of illegal hunting, commercial fishing, and ship traffic. Seacology is working with local officials to put an end to this disturbing trend. Recently, the organization teamed up with an environmental publication to raise awareness about the lack of buoys to clearly mark shipping lanes, lanes created to keep animals like the whale shark safe from human traffic and activity. By attaching GPS markers to buoys, ships can detect lane markers much easier and much sooner.

Culture preservation is as important as environmental conservation, and Seacology intends on spreading this message as much as possible. Responsible vacation seekers are welcomed to assist Seacology in their quest to preserve the rich culture of the Fiji islands by participating in a number of planned activities. These organized activities marry the idea of culture preservation with the idea of fun. Through well- planned hikes, kayaking, and other expeditions, travelers will be able to see how Fijians live and what can be done to protect their rich culture from the lure of westernization.

Seacology is admirable in its attempt to preserve all that is precious in Fiji, but what about today’s budget- conscious traveler? A ticket to Fiji could cost well over $1000, not to mention the amount of paid vacation days one could lose. So for the environmentally concerned traveler who happens to be on a budget, consider an alternative to a vacation- make an online donation. Seacology has a secure online donation program where supporters can give a one- time donation or set up for automatic monthly donations. Regardless of budget, supporting Seacology and all of its efforts is a worthy cause.

Photo Credit: miguel sancheese