Safeway Announces Commitment to Sustainable Paper Products

Safeway yesterday announced that its consumer brands Softly (bath and facial tissue) and Ultra Thirsty (paper towels) are now produced to the environmental and social responsibility standards of the Forest Stewardship Council and the Rainforest Alliance. Shoppers can easily identify FSC-certified and Rainforest Alliance-certified products because their easily recognised logos are printed on the label.

The Forest Stewardship Council uses third-party experts to verify forest management practices and track materials as they are selectively harvested from the forest and become products downstream. Incoming paper fiber is classified into two groups: certified fiber and controlled wood fiber. FSC-certified paper products are produced with fiber sourced from suppliers who have been independently certified to follow the strictest standards in sustainable, ethical forestry management and production chain controls.

"With forest resources under stress, it is important we lead by walking the talk in our environmental specifications for paper and help drive meaningful sustainability improvements in the supply chain," said Don Davidson, Safeway Vice President, Strategic Sourcing.

Safeway said it is expanding on its existing sustainable product portfolio that includes its certified Bright Green line of paper towels, bathroom tissue, napkins, and facial tissue. These are made from 100% recycled paper and processed chlorine-free materials.

"We welcome this initiative," said Sierra Club Executive Director, Michael Brune. "We need companies like Safeway to see the forest through the trees and help drive demand for FSC certified paper products."

The Sustainability Consortium, which Safeway supports, says that paper plays an integral role in the supply chain. The group focuses on the paper products used in printing and books, as well as those found in the home, like tissues and wipes. It also leads the investigation of important sustainability issues including recycled content and sustainable forestry.

Image credit: Safeway