SAP and Échale a tu casa Build a Better Future for Mexicans in Need

(3Bl Media/Justmeans) - Building a house is not a simple task. A multidisciplinary undertaking by nature, ​it requires ​several different products and lots of management. For those with few financial resources, efficient management during construction is key, especially for organizations such as ​​Échale a tu casa, which provides sustainable housing solutions to Mexican communities in need. ​

Fortunately, there are digital tools available to make the process more effective, such as SAP's solutions. The market and technology giant last year donated software to  ​Échale a tu casa ​ to equip the organization with cutting-edge administration tools. The donation was made during  SAP Latin American Partner Summit ​ and the results of its implementation will be presented at this year's edition.​

SAP’s solution can add efficiency to several stages of the work carried out by Échale a tu casa, from supply chain to performance management. Using locally sourced, environmentally correct materials, the organization helps with the creation of citizen committees which will then steward the project from the design stage to financing and actual construction. This type of approach ensures local needs and preferences are met and customized to the specific needs of the region. So far the program has delivered more than 2,000 houses in nine Mexican states and has about 2,200 more underway.​ ​ ​

Échale a tu casa started out as a non-profit but has morphed into a for-profit organization. It works with SAP corporate social responsibility (CSR) affiliate Ashoka Emprendedores Sociales. SAP collaborates with Ashoka globally as part of its focus on supporting entrepreneurship with technology, employee talent and capital. Ashoka has one of the largest networks of social entrepreneurs worldwide and helps SAP identify entrepreneurs and small businesses globally.

Échale a tu casa is not the only organization SAP has collaborated with to promote social good​. ​The company  has provided technology donations to more than 5,000 non-governmental and non-profit organizations. A combination of software, training and other services from SAP helps recipients improve critical business areas such as performance management, fundraising operations and donor reporting.

Image credit: Échale a tu casa