Sappi Advances with Industry Leading Sustainability Performance

(3BL Media/Justmeans) – Global companies are redefining competitiveness by embedding corporate sustainability into business strategy. Investors, consumers and other stakeholders are increasingly committing themselves to value creation with a societal purpose. In this new era of growing corporate citizenship, large companies have an opportunity to transform the way we live and work.

Sappi North America is leading from the front with a sustainability goals program and a 2020Vision to pursue responsible strategies and monitor progress. The company has now published its 2016 Sustainability Report, which showcases its industry leading sustainability performance.

Sappi remains the manufacturer with the lowest carbon footprint out of all domestic producers of coated freesheet papers in the US, and its combined direct and indirect emissions total just 0.38 tons CO2/ton of product.

The solid waste sent to landfills reached its lowest level in the past five years, due in large part to the continued expansion of Sappi’s beneficial use program where by-products are used by local landowners as a soil amendment.

In 2016, the American Forest & Paper Association (AF&PA) awarded Sappi with the AF&PA Leadership in Sustainability Award for Energy Efficiency and Greenhouse Gas Reduction for creating a process to capture excess heat and reuse it elsewhere in the manufacturing process.

Mark Gardner, President and CEO, Sappi North America, said that in addition to its award-winning environmental practices, the company also stays focused on continued innovation in its products, reinvestment in its business, and commitment to safety.

Employee safety at Sappi North America is guided by its Project Zero initiative, which sets a goal of zero workplace safety incidents. The company is committed to employee training and in 2016 it achieved an average 80 hours per employee, against a goal of 60 hours.

One hundred percent of Sappi North America’s wood fiber is sourced from well-managed forests in accordance with the SFI® Certified Sourcing standard as well as the FSC® Controlled Wood standard.

The company continues to utilize over 70 percent renewable fuels to supply its internal energy needs, with the difference going to the sale of renewable energy credits (RECs) into the REC marketplace.

All of its graphics and packaging papers are recyclable, and in 2015 Sappi became a supporter, with publishers, catalogers and other paper companies, of Recycling Works in Publishing (RWIP).

Sappi North America helps give a voice to underserved students by awarding $250,000 annually through its Ideas that Matter grant program. In 2016, the company’s contributions came to a total of $1.7 million through a combination of cash donations to local community organizations and corporate sponsorships.

Source: 3BL Media