Social Enterprise Introduces Academy of Agents of Change

Lonesome George & Co., a mission driven apparel company, has joined hands with Ashoka Youth Venture and Outward Bound to create sustainable impact. It has launched the Academy of Agents of Change, which is a new type of experiential education built around rigorous Outward Bound and Ashoka Youth Venture programs.

The Academy is specifically designed to create mind-shift in a highly effective individual and teach them the hard-core skills necessary to have a meaningful social impact in their community. Lonesome George & Co. invests 10% of every sale in sending participants through Outward Bound programming (SHIFT) followed by Ashoka Youth Venture (IMPACT) programming.

“While many companies are choosing quick fixes to support social issues, we are focusing on the root of the problem and how we can prevent these issues from the ground up,” said Eduardo Balarezo, founder of Lonesome George & Co. “We’ve found a unique way to create community impact that is sustainable, replicable and scalable and we encourage other companies to adopt our strategy.”

The inaugural Academy of Agents of Change began in February 2012 and is currently taking place in the Galapagos, where twenty-three individuals are participating in the following eight Outward Bound and Ashoka Youth Venture modules:

Personal Leadership: Increase self-confidence to reach personal objectives and develop leadership capabilities to accomplish personal challenges.

Dialogue for Leadership: Develop listening capability to have reflective and transcendental conversations and increase planning, communication and problems resolution skills,

Vision Quest: Increase self-knowledge, define personal purpose and develop an action plan to reduce the gap.

Systems Thinking For Sustainability: Develop consciousness of being part of social and environmental systems

The Dream-It-Do-It Challenge: A series of facilitated engagements that guide a cohort of young people towards launching their own social ventures

Be A Changemaker: Eight interactive workshops that help young people design and successfully pitch their ventures.

Action Kit: A critical resource to venture teams as they put their ideas into action that combines practical how-to’s, tools, references, and templates, that addresses venture development and growth, including sustainability, evaluation, marketing, and publicity.

Growth Series: A series designed to catalyze the growth of both the venturers and their ventures.

Agent of Change Idea Presentation: Once Outward Bound and Ashoka Youth Venture programming is complete, the Agent of Change must present a business plan to create a sustainable and systemic change to a panel composed of community leaders who can potentially help fund the idea and bring it to fruition.

Source: Lonesome George & Co.

Photo Credit: duchesssa