Socially Responsible Initiative Educates School Children About Solar Power

Solar power is the cleanest source of energy available to mankind and it can be a solution to the 1.6 billion people who lack access to modern electricity services in the world. Educating the public about the benefits of solar power is a crucial step towards a sustainable future.

With this in mind, the SunPower Foundation announced that it is teaming up with One Million Lights, a Palo Alto-based nonprofit that provides solar lighting to rural communities globally, to launch a solar education program for K-12 schools called One Million Students. The program provides educators with grade-appropriate curriculum structured to increase student understanding of how solar works and how it is being applied to generate clean, renewable energy in locations around the world.

Students learn through real-life cases how solar technology can be applied. The pedagogical method includes interactive learning tools such as solar-powered LED lights and solar electricity testing kits. There is a choice of materials depending on the education level of the students and the program covers elementary school, middle school or high school. Earlier his year it was piloted in San Francisco Bay Area earlier this year.

"The One Million Students program has touched the hearts and minds of our 270 seventh-grade students," said Curtis Schneider, a teacher at Egan Junior High School in Los Altos, Calif. "During a recent three-day lesson, our students were taught the science of creating light with the sun and then learned how One Million Lights is bringing solar LED lights to those who live in an off-grid world. As a teacher, I value students learning how science can help the planet and those who are less fortunate. Two thumbs up and best wishes for the future of this program."

Anna Sidana, founder of One Million Lights, added she is delighted to part of the initiative. "One Million Students employs a creative approach to education and addresses the critical issue for renewable energy solutions in our lives. This program enables us to bring our global solar light programs full circle by sharing our experiences and knowledge with children here in the States."

Image credit: One Million Students