Sustainable Travel And Michael Vick- An Unlikely Pair

Lincoln Financial Stadium goes green.

Sustainable travel has a way of finding itself in the most unlikely arenas. From jail hotels to marathons or space travel, sustainable travel has a way of finding itself in unexpected arenas. Consider Michael Vick, the infamous quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles. While the troubled football player is known less for his presence in Philly and more for his time served in prison on animal cruelty charges, Michael Vick is actually associated with one of the greenest football teams in the nation. Philadelphia is leading the way in prioritizing an environmentally friendly franchise. Take a look at how Philadelphia is making its team greener and plan to patronize some of the sustainable businesses around town.

It isn’t uncommon for a well-known sports franchise to support an operation like a recycling program. While that type of effort is appreciated, the green thinkers in Philadelphia are going a few steps further. Over the next year, the franchise plans to add wind turbines, solar panels, and a cogeneration plant at Lincoln Financial Field, the football field where Michael Vick and the rest of the Philadelphia Eagles play. By adding said environmental technology, the stadium will be self- sufficient. The surplus power will then be sold back to the electric grid. The benefits of this move seem endless. In addition to putting a number of green energy companies in business, the Eagles’ plan will actually employ over 200 workers. This gesture towards a more green existence is beneficial for both the environment and the community.

So with this city taking such proactive steps towards sustainability, sustainable travelers can help to get the word out and the money flowing. By patronizing other sustainable businesses around the city of Philadelphia, sustainable travelers can send the message that green living really does work in a language key investors will understand- increased profits. Just six miles north of the stadium is Otolith Sustainable Seafood, a seafood market that prides itself in providing sustainably produced seafood. While still maintaining reasonable seafood prices, Otolith only sales seafood that has been produced while adhering to sustainable fishing practices. Point Breeze Pioneers is another growing organization near the stadium that prioritizes sustainably produced goods. Its strong community presence allows Philadelphia residents to have a say in some of the environmental events going on around town. And since September, the Point Breeze Pioneers have been hosting farmer’s market events. Be sure to stop by this organization during your sustainable travels in Philadelphia. Need a good cup of joe to keep pep in your sustainable step? Stop by Café Estelle. This coffee shop believes in brewing organic and sustainably produced coffee, so you can sip your Red Eye knowing you are doing your part to support sustainability.

The Philadelphia Eagles, Mr. Vick included, are doing more than producing much- needed good publicity for the team. Their attempt to operate more sustainability is helping to reshape Philadelphia’s image. Support their efforts by visiting their many sustainable organizations.

Photo Credit: achimh