Take a Hike! Responsible Vacation on a Mountain Slope near You

Active vacations can be responsible vacations, and there’s no better time to embark on a fun hiking adventure than right now. Perfectly warm weather makes for a great opportunity to take a responsible vacation hiking in one of the many hiking areas around the nation. Whether you are a novice hiker looking for a more fun and creative way to stay in shape or an avid trekker of the wilderness, hiking opportunities await.

Colorado is known for its stunning views of nature, as well as its boundless number of outdoor activities. Glacier Gorge lives up to both of these reputations and is the perfect place for responsible vacation of hiking. Centered in the Rocky Mountain National Park, Glacier Gorge is a local favorite that offers 9 miles of scenic hiking with the Rocky Mountain range as a backdrop. The trailhead elevation is 9,200 feet, topping out at 10,600 feet above sea level. This responsible vacation includes breathtaking waterfalls as well. Pack a camera to capture the many majestic moments at Glacier Gorge.

Texas may be known for its wide open spaces and flat terrain, but great trails are one of the state’s best kept secrets. Austin, Texas is home to Barton Creek, a beautiful wooded canyon. The rugged terrain is perfect for a day hike, whether you are out for a stroll or hoping to up the ante on your hiking abilities. The trees and wildlife are captivating, but the real star of the show is Barton Creek itself. During more baron seasons, the creek is at low levels, revealing awesome views of large rock formations with watermarks. This view provides great perspective for how much water the creek is accustomed to holding. A responsible vacation is also a scenic and informing vacation when you travel to Barton Creek.

The last stop on the quest for great seasonal hiking is in our country’s founding state- Virginia. Pembroke Falls is about 30 miles outside of Blacksburg, VA. This hiking wonder is home to one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the nation, standing a staggering 70 feet above ground. The trail has two alternative routes. Both routes will take you to the waterfall, so it is a matter of preference. The rugged 4 mile trail puts you up close and personal with nature, and allows for numerous views of beautiful creeks and breath-taking views of the woods. The other trail is perfect for an active stroll with mild to moderate inclines. At Pembroke Falls, there is something for everyone.

Too often, the quest for an active responsible vacation takes on the identity of mundane exercise. Debunk this tendency with a hike during the one of the best outdoor seasons of the year.

Photo Credit: mikebaird