Target Aligns CSR with UN Sustainable Development Goals

(3BL Media/Justmeans) – Global companies have the opportunity use their scale to make a positive difference to the planet. Some of these companies are now striving to make the aspirational attainable. They are demonstrating a determination to find the best ways to support global goals of ending poverty, fighting inequality and protecting the environment.

Target has recently published its 2016 Corporate Social Responsibility Report, which highlights the progress made with regard to its sustainability goals. The report also focuses on the company’s new commitments built around products, team, communities and the planet.

The expansive nature of Target’s business and value chain enables it to directly and indirectly impact each of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The company has designed its CSR focus areas in alignment with the SDGs.

Target had set a goal to increase organic food offerings by 25 percent by 2017. It has already exceeded this goal, registering an increase of 139 percent in 2016. Similarly, the company had a goal to enhance at least 50 packaging designs to be more sustainable by 2016. It has exceeded this goal and delivered 162 enhanced packaging designs by the end of 2016.

Target aimed to achieve Energy Star certification in 80 percent of its buildings by 2020. By 2016, 76 percent of the buildings were certified, and the company expects to meet this goal earlier than expected. Target signed a Virtual Power Purchase agreement with Stephen’s Ranch Wind Farm in Texas. The 40 MW off-take of wind power is roughly equivalent to the power needs of 60 stores in Texas.

The company had a goal to reduce water use by 10 percent per square foot in its stores by 2020. It has already exceeded this goal in 2016 with a 13.7 percent water reduction. It also exceeded its goal of 70 percent retail waste diversion by 2020, and finished off 2016 with a diversion rate of 72.3 percent.

In 2016, Target granted nearly $40 million to organizations across the country to help youth and families build life-long healthy habits, making better-for-you living easier and more accessible for all. It partnered with leading organizations committed to delivering proven solutions that help youth and families increase their physical activity and eat healthier every day.

Target has also announced one of the most comprehensive chemical strategies in the retail industry, focusing on driving transparency and ensuring proactive chemical management and innovation across every product the company sells, throughout business operations.

Source: Target