Top Ten Jobs for the Next Decade and Beyond (Part 2 of 3)

Another arena and equally important is that of assisting people who need clarification on skills and guidance in how best to transfer those skills to the new world economy. These people can be working inside institutions or with government agencies, with for profit corporations and recruitment and placement firms as well as privately in their own businesses. As you search for your job openings you want to keep in mind the importance of balancing your vision and desire with what is needed.

Employment Specialist
I believe this sector is much broader than just employment agencies as researched. But because of the changing job market and life demands of child care, health concerns, and elder care, more Americans have turned to employment agencies to arrange short term or flexible employment. Another sector of people benefiting are companies that need to scale up or scale down their operations to comply with seasonal customer demand, addition of new product lines, are outsourced their staffing needs to a growing number of professional agencies.

The U.S. Department of Labor identifies "employment placement specialist" as one of the fastest-growing specialties of the coming decade. For people with strong interpersonal skills, good sales and matchmaker skills, and a wide range of interests, this position offers the opportunity to connect motivated employers with qualified workers.

Social Services Coordinator
As senior citizens apply for government benefits and many families leave large cities for smaller towns, many government agencies and non-profit organizations seek qualified social services coordinators. These specialists assure that residents of a community can take full advantage of assistance programs. They also monitor the safety and wellness of individuals, especially young children and older adults. This position encourages the use of your skills of communication, people, project management, and resourcing.

Environmental Engineer
With the rapid growth of previously small communities all across the country, many local governments and private developers must wrestle with the challenges of rising populations. At the same time, many of our country's established cities and towns are having to deal with changing infrastructure, government and cities going bankrupt and outdated roads, buildings, and sewer lines. Environmental engineers play an important role in every community. They oversee new construction and renovation, assuring the preservation of natural resources and the safety of residents.

Management Consultant
A growing number of companies prefer to seek outside help with specialized problems or challenges and hire someone who is specialized in that arena. This allows them flexibility in their workforce and a reduction in wasted time and money. As a result, consultants who build reputations for solving client problems can earn significant income by serving clients around the world.

Because consulting over the years has provide must useful it has expanded into arenas not otherwise considered consultant friendly. Now with networking and technology you can do many tasks and duties from a remote location. With qualifications and insight earned from years of experience and study, a consultant might work from home while helping clients all over the world.

Many professionals who have grown bored or stopped with their companies can begin exploring the option of being a consultant and build a customer based while in school or still working full time.

As with any career direction take time to do in depth informational interviews (blogs on this next week), on the job research via internships, web sites, and blogs. Having a place to begin such as these Top Ten Trending careers will assist you to save time by giving you broad strokes to begin a strategy of moving your current skills into the trending and expanding job market.

In our blog on Thursday we will explore the third part of these 10 top careers and on Sunday, Mother's Day we'll learn how to conduct an effective and powerful informational interview in order to pick a direction and receive results.