Visual Artists Tackle Food Issues in Socially Aware Exhibit

Students from the MFA Design for Social Innovation at the School of Visual Arts (SVA) have put work on the table that reflects on one of contemporary society’s major topics: food. ​F​ood has always been a major concern for health and overall social welfare, but these days, with our globalized and environmentally compromised global production system, it has taken on an even greater urgent importance, relating to large topics such as climate change, water use, human overpopulation, animal welfare and the use of pesticides, to name but a few.

Aptly called “Putting It All on the Table,” each of the 12 artists featured was given a wooden table to present their work. “Food is a primary concern for everything that lives, regardless of where it is on the food chain. Food systems and food safety are central to social innovation and essential to solving issues of poverty, health, economics, justice and environment. ‘Putting it all on the table’ is an expression that means to be completely transparent and forthright. In terms of communication, it means not holding back on the real issues,” said Chair of MFA DSI, Cheryl Heller.

The innovative MFA in Design for Social Innovation at SVA provides designers with hands-on experience, skills and relationships with potential partners and employers to create innovative social and environmental solutions. Students are prepared to participate in social innovation ​through design strategy, innovation, social technologies, data visualization, leadership, game and social movement design, program execution and communication design.

The course ​covers a broad range of issues including poverty, aging, women’s rights, food and agriculture, social justice, environment, working conditions, fair trade, education, community development and health.

“Putting It All on the Table” runs until January 31 at the SVA Gramercy Gallery.

Image credit: SVA