Welcome to the World of Manresa, Can You Help Save The People Here? Are You Playing?

(3BL Media/Justmeans) - Welcome to the world of Manresa—you have time to help stop the outbreak here. Use your skills and understanding to help improve the lives of others: “Save Manresa.” You don’t need any previous knowledge of health issues; your success will be based on your knowledge, reasoning, and sense of judgment. Just choose your team. Decide what actions to take and when. Make the right choices to identify the disease and stop it from spreading. But be quick. The lives of thousands of Manresans are in your hands . . . .

Thankfully, “Save Manresa” is a virtual place, and you are being encouraged to participate in an interactive role-playing activity that provides an exciting window into the world of public health. It is aimed at encouraging professionals to not only learn more about public health, but to also consider careers in the field. Focusing on the aftermath of a fictitious major natural disaster and its potentially catastrophic impact on public health, “Save Manresa” allows people to visualise themselves as public health professionals responding to the disaster in an effort to stop a disease outbreak and save lives. Participants gather facts, ask questions, talk to the local people and use their knowledge and skills.

The University of Roehampton, London Online is behind “Save Manresa” and launched this interactive simulation programme that is suitable for all ages and free of charge to use. It has been specifically designed to give users an opportunity to see whether they would be interested in a career in public health and also aims to generate interest in the study of public health via Roehampton Online’s new Master of Public Health (MPH) programme.

The new MPH is Roehampton Online’s first health programme that allows students to connect with public health practitioners internationally. This gives students a global perspective as well as access to worldwide expertise from a diverse range of disciplines; a big advantage over a traditional classroom. The MPH programme is designed for professionals and practitioners already working in specific areas related to public health who are looking to advance their skills and knowledge in the field, as well as those looking to transition into a career in public health.

As innovators in education, Roehampton Online’s goal was to create a hands-on approach, so students can get a real world inside view. This kind of interactive simulation gives the public the opportunity to experience what might be involved in public health challenges — the rational decisions that need to be made, the risks involved, the excitement and the opportunities to be able to make a difference — just like a career in public health does. Ultimately, it wants to help people to understand that public health challenges are no longer local or national, but instead global, requiring involvement of a diverse range of disciplines to be able to address them.

Photo Credit: University of Roehampton London Online