What Is Mozilla Drumbeat? Next Gen Social Media for Good

Mozilla Drumbeat describes itself as a community of innovators who collaborate on projects. You might recognize the name Mozilla from their popular browser, FireFox—but they’re moving beyond this resource to create a more open Internet.

Drumbeat strives to bring together people across disciplines from teachers to journalists to scientists, artists, and filmmakers. The idea is to use open technology to share cross disciplinary projects. The end goal: innovation and collaboration between a variety of backgrounds and skill sets.

Underlying Mozilla Drumbeat is the idea that the Internet is a public resource that provides tools for public good. For this reason, people—with technical and non-technical backgrounds—should care about the Internet and come together to keep it open. While the idea of “open” Internet is a nebulous one, Drumbeat strives to ground the concept in a tangible reality by providing a resource for people to come together.

Right now, there are a number of Drumbeat projects:

School of Webcraft provides free peer to peer web development classes in topics including databases, web scripting languages, and design. Anyone can propose a class, and anyone can participate. Course materials are all open and available free of charge online. There are 4,360 followers for this project.

Web Made Movies is a project for filmmakers who want to reinvent the idea of online video. There are 192 followers for this project.

Universal Subtitles enables individuals to caption and translate videos with help from viewers. This projects helps improve content accessibility to the deaf and hearing impaired. There are 982 followers for this project.

The New Social Web Project helps to build support for an open social network that connects people and puts them in charge of their own data. There are 2,168 followers for this project.

Every1Tutor is a social network that matches tutors with learners – in their words, crowdsourced learning. There are 1,772 followers for this project.

Open Web Publishing enables users to create free books, paper books, and ebooks. There are 1,669 followers for this project.

Open Attribute provides tools to streamline the attribution process for creative commons licensed work. There are 46 followers for this project.

For those who are interested in leveraging social media for good, Mozilla Drumbeat is one place to start since it's possible to network from anyone in anywhere in the world. There are even opportunities to organize events to build face-to-face connections.

Mozilla Drumbeat homepage.
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