What your grandmother told you was wrong!

<p>Recently I was traveling for work in Italy and found myself sitting in a wine bar in Rome (as most would after a heavenly meal).&nbsp; I was having a wonderful discussion with a marketing friend from Proctor &amp; Gamble responsible for detergent sales in the country.&nbsp; I excitedly asked him about their cold-water detergent which is available in Italy - which cleans clothes equally well in cold-water as in hot (and they have proved so scientifically) - saving, of course, tons of energy in the process.<br /> &nbsp;<br /> <a href="http://www.tide.com/en_US/products/product.jsp?topic=science&amp;product...">Click here</a> to see the details / product description.<br /> &nbsp;<br /> However, as we sat around the table of 6, all of the others - not at all affiliated with P&amp;G - responded that while they had heard of the product, they had no plans to use it.&nbsp; I begged for a rationale, I mean after all, this was Europe, here people really did care (and even make sacrifices) for the environment. <br /> &nbsp;<br /> "Because my grandmother taught us if we want to get our clothes clean, we must use hot water!"&nbsp; <br /> &nbsp;<br /> And that was that.&nbsp; A simple answer - tradition or banishment.&nbsp; But wait, does that mean we need to have a generation die off before we can start saving the world?! <br /> &nbsp;<br /> Not so, it just means businesses - now more than ever - need to educate AND engage customers in order to get them to change their habits, buy more socially responsible products, and define new markets.&nbsp; Amen to that.</p>