Who Says Sustainable Travel Can’t Be Luxurious Travel?

What images come to mind when you think of sustainable travel? Burlap? Questionable recycled toilet paper? Tree- hugging and heated demonstrations outside of Fur Factory? Well, it’s unfortunate that the world of sustainable travel is subjected to the goofy environmental stereotypes along with other environmental factions. Not even the powers of Brangelina can single-handedly change this reality. However, a new crop of luxurious and environmentally- friendly transportation will certainly give sustainable travel a much- needed cool factor.

For those who love charting the seas in style, consider booking the Exuma, a green yacht that has just as many environmental bells as it has luxurious whistles. Embark on sustainable travel with nine to ten of your closest friends on this Green Plus Platinum award winner if you plan to travel in the Caribbean during the fall months and South America during the winter months. So whether you are setting out on a voyage to seize the perfect sustainable coffee beans from South America or simply can’t wait on the Armed Forces to try out sustainable sailing, Exuma is a highly exclusive and environmentally way to go about doing so.

Another luxurious green yacht is Tag 60, a 144- foot Yacht that is sure to make a believer out of even the most skeptical sustainable lifestyle spectator. In addition to its technologically advanced and environmentally friendly renewable power structure, this yacht boasts an incredibly quiet ride, inside and out. And while noise pollution is often forgotten during many a’ sustainable talks, the fact that Tag 60 does not interrupt wild life with excessive noise is reason enough to seek out a ride on this technological wonder.

If riding the waves is not the way your preferred mode of sustainable travel, why not consider renting or owning one of the latest luxury lines of sustainable vehicles? Some self- described environmental experts scoff at mainstreams attempt to minimize vehicles’ carbon footprint by using green technology, but we can’t expect to go from 0 to 60 in the quest for a truly green society. Take that baby step towards environmental awareness with a Porsche Cayenne. Not only will you avoid feeling seasick in a green yacht, but you’ll be privy to an electric drive with a 240- cell nickel metal hydride battery pack while still enjoying luxurious features forever associated with the Porsche brand. Nothing says sustainable travel like reduced gas emissions due to a more efficient engine!

Green technology is always scrutinized whenever it’s married with transportation. It’s true that the many modes of transportation the world has come to accept as normal are indeed one of the largest threats to our environment. However, this is the challenge of our generation- to improve the modes of transportation we depend on the world over without eradication and with imagination.

Photo Credit: joiseyshowaa