YouTube's Nonprofit Video Awards: Submission Open

If your nonprofit created a video related to the arts, human rights, health, or another relevant category in the last year, the film may be eligible for entry in YouTube's 5th annual DoGooder awards. Submissions opened two weeks ago on February 5th and will remain open until March 2, 2011. Four days later on March 6th, panels will select 16 finals, and on March 7th, voting will open for the public. If you're considering entering in this competition, keep in mind that you need to act quickly because turnaround is quick: March 11, 2011 is the last day of public voting, and winners will be announced in one month at the Nonprofit Technology Conference in Washington, D.C..

There will be four categories of winners:

Best Small Org Video: for organizations with annual operating budgets of $1,000,000 or less.
Best Medium Org Video: for organizations with annual budgets between $1,000,000 and $5,000,000.
Best Large Org Video: for organizations with annual budgets of $5,000,000 or more.
Best Thrifty Video: awarded for the best original video produced by any sized-organization with a production budget of $500.

Winners will receive:

  • Video placement on YouTube's homepage
  • $10,000 in grants to be split evenly across categories from the Case Foundation
  • Custom-designed Flip video cameras for all 16 finalists
  • The winner of the Best Thrifty Video category will receive a Flip camera production pack which includes filming tools and a surprise gift
  • The winner of the Best Small Org Video category will receive complimentary registration to the 2012 Nonprofit technology conference

To enter, organizations must be or become a part of YouTube's nonprofit program (which is free). Videos will be judged by message, use of video, video quality, creativity, and emotional appeal.

Last year's winning videos are viewable here and included

  • “Darius Goes West—A DVD in EVERY SCHOOL!” by Darius Goes West (Best Small Organization Video category)
  • “'I am The Wooden Floor' Saint Joseph Ballet Changes its Name to The Wooden Floor” by The Wooden Floor (Best Medium Organization Video category)
  • “Canadian Cancer Society - Join the Fight” by Canadian Cancer Society (Best Large Organization Video category)
  • “What Kind of Planet Are We On?” by Rock for Equality (Best Innovation in Video category)

The DoGooder awards are presented by YouTube and See3 Communications, an interactive agency that works with nonprofits, social causes, foundations,and associations. They specialize in online strategies including video production, web design, web development, and outreach.

There are currently 1,197 subscribers to the "nonprofitvideoawards" channel on YouTube, and there have been 164,319 channel views. If you're interested in following this cause, you may consider becoming a subscriber to show your support and to keep an eye out for updates.

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