Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG)

About AIAG 

Established in 1982, AIAG is a not-for-profit association where professionals from a diverse group of stakeholders – including retailers, suppliers of all sizes, automakers, manufacturers, service providers, academia, and government – work collaboratively to streamline industry processes via global standards development & harmonized business practices.

At AIAG, everything we do is inspired by our enduring mission, values and vision. Our vision statement guides every aspect of our business:

“AIAG is the catalyst for peak performance to establish a seamless, efficient and responsible supply chain.”

The organization was founded by visionaries from the three largest North American automotive manufacturers – Chrysler, Ford, and General Motors. Membership has grown to include Japanese companies such as Toyota, Honda and Nissan, heavy truck and earth moving manufacturers such as Caterpillar Inc. and Navistar International, and many of their part suppliers and services providers. Click here to read AIAG History Highlights.


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