Global Environment & Technology Foundation (GETF)

The Global Environment & Technology Foundation (GETF), established in 1988, is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based near Washington, DC with a mission to promote sustainable development through partnerships and targeted action.  GETF seeks to shape a brighter future for communities and the environment by developing innovative strategic plans, creating high-impact partnerships, introducing new technologies and managing programs that have a lasting and positive impact on the world.

GETF focuses upon three core issues as the basis of its efforts:

GETF has successfully served a wide range of clients including the White House, federal and state agencies, leading foundations, Fortune 500 corporations, non-governmental organizations, and multilateral development agencies. With a result-driven team and a deep breadth of experiences gained over the past 20 years, GETF is uniquely positioned among nonprofit organizations to design and implement high-value, lasting programs and partnerships. GETF’s work is driven by a simple principle: Sustainability challenges are solvable if we work together.


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