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The Third Hand for Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Organizations

Founding principals Zoe Dunn and Beth Bengtson chose “health” to be a core focus for their business and a foundational element for relationships with their team, clients, and community. They specifically chose Hale to be part of the company’s name because it means strong and in good health. The vision for Hale Advisors is to evolve a values-driven business through healthy practices for ourselves, our families, and our communities (Our Communities = Local, Women, Clients). It is through the development and adherence to this vision that Hale Advisors continues to grow each year and develop deeper relationships with those that we touch.

Since 2010, the Hale Advisors team has been providing clients from top pharmaceutical and healthcare companies with strategic guidance and tactical support to ensure marketing excellence. From developing guidelines to ensure compliance in the absence of clear FDA guidance, to creating educational design programs that help brand teams stay abreast of the latest marketing trends, to providing guidance on the right team structure and culture to drive organizational change, to evaluating marketing and communication efforts to determine how to best drive business results – Hale Advisors delivers.


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