Qualcomm Incorporated is bringing the future forward faster with next generation mobile technologies that accelerate innovation across connectivity, computing, and the Internet of Things. Qualcomm began revolutionizing the future of mobile in 1985, and three decades later Qualcomm, working with customers across industries – from automotive to health care, from smart cities to robotics, continues to advance product development, access new markets and transform experiences for people around the world. With a continued focus on investing and innovating in next-generation technologies, Qualcomm continues to accelerate innovation and unlock new possibilities in a time where everything is connected.

We’re inventors at Qualcomm; always pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with an aim of making a positive difference for people and communities worldwide. We define sustainability as a strategy that drives long-term growth and profitability by including environmental, social and corporate governance issues in our business decisions as they relate to our key spheres of influence: our workplace, our supply chain, local communities, our industry and the public policy realm.

We focus our resources, programs and reporting on these six topic areas:

Learn more about sustainability at Qualcomm: https://www.qualcomm.com/company/sustainability

Read our blog: https://www.qualcomm.com/news/onq?tag=Sustainability


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