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PepsiCo Champions Farmer Economic Security, Sustainability


The word “sustainability” doesn’t give too many farmers the warm fuzzies, admits Margaret Henry, PepsiCo director of sustainable agriculture. She gets it. Henry grew up on a Kentucky dairy farm.

But here’s why she thinks the concept is important: In her view, it allows the food system to speak with a common language that resonates with consumers. If used properly, it instills confidence that farmers and their food-system partners are conserving natural resources.

Sharing the Knowledge From Mỹ Lợi Climate-smart Village in Việt Nam

The adoption of climate-smart agriculture in Việt Nam is underway through knowledge-sharing events.

Farmers, agricultural extension officers and local leaders from Quảng Bình Province, Việt Nam came to Mỹ Lợi Village to learn about climate-smart agriculture during a one-day roving workshop, 23 April. They will share the knowledge they gained with other extension officers and farmers in the province to encourage wider adoption of climate-smart agriculture. Mỹ Lợi is one of three villages in the country taking part in a project of the CGIAR Research Program on Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security, managed by the World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF) in Việt Nam.

Looks Great, Tastes Fresh: Meet Our New Tomatoes

To-mato, To-ma-to. No Matter How You Slice Them, Our New Greenhouse Tomatoes Can’t Be Beat.

by Liliana Esposito

Black & Veatch: Data Analytics, Resilience and Sustainability Drive Water Discussion

Latest Strategic Directions Report takes deep dive into complexities of water, delivery
Press Release

OVERLAND PARK, Kan.,  June 5, 2018 /3BL Media/ – Collecting data from our water systems is one thing. Acting on that information is game-changing, and a Black & Veatch survey shows that the water space is taking note.

Sands ECO360 Launches 2017 Environmental Progress Report with Focus on Sustainable Dining


Las Vegas Sands is the leader in sustainability within the hospitality industry. Through Sands ECO360, its global sustainability program, the company implements strategic initiatives that minimize its environmental footprint on the planet.

Revealing Food's Hidden Costs: New Framework for Food and Agriculture

Press Release

New Delhi, INDIA - June 4, 2018 /3BL Media/ -- A new report released today offers a ground-breaking platform to evaluate the real costs and benefits—including environmental, health, and social impacts—of our agriculture and food systems.

Is the Commodity Era Over?

By Barry Parkin

I’ve recently begun to wonder if we’re moving away from the world of commodities as we’ve known them for hundreds of years. The buying, selling, trading and hedging of commodities like cocoa, grains and energy have been stalwarts of global trade. For decades, people in corporate procurement have sourced raw materials from around the world based on defined specifications and quality standards. We didn’t focus much attention, if any, on where these materials came from or under what conditions they were produced. Today that is changing and fast.

Boosting Farmers’ Income While Strengthening Climate Resilience in Colombia

Colombian family restaurant business lifts living standards for smallholder’s farmers while protecting the environment
Press Release

BOGOTA, Columbia, May 17, 2018 /3BL Media/ – Colombian restaurant chain Crepes & Waffles has joined the Business Call to Action (BCtA) with a pledge to sustainably improve the income of 100 smallholder farmers in the Montes de Maria region of Colombia by 2020. Additionally, Crepes & Waffles will regenerate large areas of the country’s dry forest by creating better conditions for water conservation, contributing to farm resilience and food security.

Humans, Not Trees, Are the Solution for the Philippines

Without an effective government bureaucracy, the Philippines could not achieve its goals, says Marlo Mendoza, first director of the National Greening Program

by Rob Finlayson

While it has been recognized by the public health sector for a long time, rural development practitioners have only recently woken up to the idea that it is not the technical aspect of development projects that is the challenge but the human aspects.

Strategy for Agroforestry Development in Vietnam

Vietnam is preparing for a long-term strategy to speed adoption of agroforestry throughout the country

By Pham Thanh Van

In Vietnam, agroforestry has been practised for a long time, however, its widespread adoption remains limited owing to a range of factors. Building on previous work to address barriers to adoption, a workshop was held on 5 April 2018 in Hanoi, in which participants agreed that a long-term strategy for the development of agroforestry throughout the country was needed to address national and international commitments.


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